Technical Management is our exclusive expertise. We specialize in troubleshooting problems using basics of Marine Engineering and Common sense. With the team having experience of more than 200years collectively, we can provide timely assistance to the Ship's team so that issues can be sorted out effectively. The Company's Safety Management system is designed to assure the Ship Owner, Ship Staff and All associated with the ship & its operations.

At its core, following regulatory requirements form the basis & pillars for our Management Systems:

  • International Safety Management Code (ISM)

  • Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC)

  • International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)

Our endeavors have always been to engage the shipstaff with on-the-job training to ensure that they are ready to face the real world of situations. 

Port State Control:

One of the most dreaded inspection for shipstaff as well as Shore staff, is the Port State Inspection, as it can happen anytime, any port at literally no notice. The ship needs to be what-we-call, Port State ready at all times. Our shore team engages with the ship's command to ensure that he has gone through our guidelines for such an inspection, depicted photographically for clear understanding. Master is made aware and notified if the vessel is heading to a high risk port (wrt PSC). A point-by-point interaction together with daily reporting ensures that nothing is left to chance.

Non-availabiltiy of Power or the loss of Navigability:

The above two scenarios can paralyze the ship requiring it to be towed (based on the situation. Power generation is like the heart of the ship and can lead to vessel getting stranded in open seas. Timely maintenance based on the exclusive Planned Maintenance System, is one of the keys to our effective & efficient management of the ships. Likewise the non availability of prime mover (The Main Engine) of the ship can once again lead to a dangerous scenario if not curtailed immediately. Availability of all manuals & procedures online, at anytime enables the Technical Superintendent to access and download the relevant documents that are reqired.

Simplified Procedures:

This is one of the most dreaded scenario, as grammatical jargon, that is dumped on the ship in an unstructured manner can lead to crucial & important information overdoes.We ashore make sure that the information sent to ship is relevant and is controlled, so that the Master can read all that comes to his inbox. We have simplified the complicated and simultaneous tasks that are elaborated at length in the main manuals, by converting them into block disgrams that also prompt the relevcant section number.

(to be continued...)

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