The front end planning of a project is absolutely vital to its success. It is the right time to mitigate all technical risk, commercial risk, procurement risk and schedule risk, which will ultimately all combine into a successful project. With good planning, the management is given the right information to base major decisions on and hence maximise returns from the unit.
Without proper planning, there is a serious risk of cost and schedule overruns. The consequence of insufficient planning is magnified by the major vendors’ reduced ability to react quickly to urgent procurement, survey and overhaul needs. This combined with the operators’ ever increasing demands for additional systems, capabilities and certifications, means that planning is more important than ever. At Rigs&Off we understand these requirements and are ideally suited to assist owners in planning their projects from the inception right through to the detailed scopes of work. The focus areas for planning are;
Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)
FEED is a vital phase in a project which provides the design process to ensure technical and operational challenges are addressed. It also enables the development of an optimal design. From the FEED process, the long lead procurement can take place with accurate technical inputs, thereby assuring the correct equipment is purchased.
FEED also provides the engineering required for the Classification Society to approve designs. Having this approval early in the project will mitigate compliance risk during the execution phase.
HAZID and HAZOP reviews are vital parts of FEED that ensure the designs are improving safety and operability. Having people with a wide range of knowledge and experience is crucial in selecting the optimum design.
Technical contract and compliance reviews (GAP analysis)
To ascertain that the rig/asset will meet the requirements of the operators’ contracts, a detailed GAP analysis will highlight the areas where changes will need to be made to ensure that there are no late surprises during the acceptance testing phase of the project.
At Rig&Off, we perform the GAP analysis in a systematic way which makes it very easy for the rig owner to see the issues (GAP), propose solutions and subsequently make right decisions based on this information.
Asset inspections and Integrity reports
In the recent years, many additional surveys have been required to ensure that the rig and critical equipment is in safe working condition. The surveys are very helpful in identifying immediate issues, but the overwhelming number of reports make it impractical for rig and operations personnel to spend a large amount of time interpreting them. Rig&Off can assist by translating these reports into scopes of work that will solve immediate issues and scopes that will provide the preventive maintenance required to keep equipment safe and operational.
The surveys carried out by Rigs&Off are focused on providing solutions, not just highlighting the problems.
Business case development
All of the activities in the planning phase need to be translated into scopes of work which will give estimates of time and money. This is ultimately what determines the success of the project. With the right information the right decision can be made to ensure that the project matches the cooperate strategy for the asset.
At Rigs&Off we put these all of the above together and present it to the senior management to ensure they are clear on what needs to be done and why. With this process, dialogue and decisions are based on objective data and facts.


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