The Formation of Patsloke Marine

    Patsloke Marine provides Marine Solutions and has evolved with the experience of all its sister concerns. The Founder & CEO of the Group, who also heads the Patsloke Marine Board of Directors is an ex Chief Engineer & has been a Ship Manager for close to two decades after that. He leads from the front and strongly believes in passing the baton to the next generation.

    Patsloke Marine is based in Singapore & India with exclusive expertise in Rigs&Off (Rigs & Offhore), Crew&Off (Crew Management) & Ferr&Ops (Inland Waterways). Due diligence & Active Intelligence is the Key!

    His profile can be found at this link:

    Communicate - Effectively without deviating from the core purpose

    Co-ordinate - Smoothly with effective communication and allowing space for the Egos

    Create - Marine Solutions that can benefit ships, its stake holders and the society at large

    These are the pillars of our success story.

    "Due Diligence" can be described as the necessity that arose out of chaos! As the group started "growing up" we had our own share of "walk-in fans" that loved us so much that they became very possessive. We scrutinize all whom we associate with "Due Diligence" and verify the level of 

    "Active Intelligence", which is essential ingredient of our people. Intelligence that remains dormant cannot produce any results. We strongly promote "Active Intelligence", which should not be confused with the IQ or EQ. It is that part of the brain's activity that comes into play in a scenario and creates a solution.

    We empower our people to take decisions, while in strict compliance of the company Procedures and Quality control. Experience is our only coach and we can get that only by taking steps irrespective of being Right Or Wrong!!

    Come and be associated with Patsloke Marine for any kind of Marine Solution that you need and we have our own sister concerns that can deliver with extreme professionalism and accountability.



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