At Rigs&Off, our philosophy is to truly engineer solutions for our clients. Too often, rig owners have to tell the engineers exactly what to do, after which the engineer simply drafts and performs required calculations. That is not true engineering. Engineering is about finding multiple alternatives to solve a problem or meet requirements and understanding each option from safety, operations, maintenance, cost, installation and commissioning points of view to give clients a clear understanding to ensure that the options that best satisfy their goals are found.
The understanding of how the rig works on a small equipment level as well as a large operational level is vital to producing the best solution when making alterations to the rig. At MODU PSM, we have vast experience in operations, maintenance, projects and engineering hence the solutions are well thought out before they are being presented to our clients.
Engineering services include:
FEED Engineering Development and Review
Produce and Review Technical Specifications
Feasibility Study Development and Review
Detailed Engineering for Up-grades and Refurbishment
Project Engineering to manage all requirements for new-builds, up-grades, refurbishment and life enhancements
Design Review and Suggestions
Regulatory and Class Approval Process Management
Write and Review Operations Manuals


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