Crew Management solution was created to cater for inhouse need of competent & effective Officers & Crew. The name of the department derives its name, "Crew&Off" so that we can focus in the core business activity all the time. Consisting of an excellent experienced team, they are driven by the approach of "Taking Care of the Seafarer". Even the office space in our crewing office has been re-oriented to give more space to the waiting crew & officers as well as provide adequate information during this period. 

The Selection Process

The Recruitment Process

The Appraisal Process

The Repatriation Process

The Rejoining Process

We have checklists & procedures that cover the complete process that act as anecdote to memory as well as ensure that none of the important steps are missed out as it could lead to undesired delays & may cost a lot more to the vessel.

Seafarer personality profiling is also extended to the shore staff

(to be continued - still being updated)




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